Monday, 19 February 2018

Welcome to the Official Website of the Full Gospel Bible Fellowship Church (F.G.B.F) which is committed to teach Holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord (HEBREWS 12:14). This Church is Pentecostal in its theology, and was founded on April 30, 1989 in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania; by Bishop Zachary Kakobe, who is also the Church's General Overseer (G.O). FGBF Church Dar es Salaam

Bishop Zachary Kakobe and his wife Hellen
Bishop Zachary Kakobe
The Founder & General Overseer (G.O)

 He started pastoring the Mother Church in Dar-Es-Salaam with 13 faithfuls, and since then the Mother Church has grown into a megachurch and has given birth to more than 1000 branch or daughter churches scattered across all the regions and districts of Tanzania mainland.

Bishop Zachary Kakobe pastors the megachurch in Dar-Es-Salaam and from there, he oversees all the branch churches in Tanzania. Bishop Zachary Kakobe is also an International Revivalist, who reaches out to other Nations of the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his international ministry, the Bishop Zachary Kakobe International Ministries (BZKIM), which is registered in U.S.A and CANADA. Through this international ministry, he reaches out to the uttermost parts of the earth by working in partnership with the Global Body of Christ, empowering, equipping and supporting the local churches in the various Nations of the World, to fulfill their mission.

For detailed account of the life story of the Church's Founder, Bishop Zachary Kakobe; and the Church's history, read About the Founder.


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